Trelawney Farm


Stylist Megan Morton’s Review

“I went to Trelawney Farm with no expectations at all.  I had the most relaxing, satisfying weekends.  Ever.  The property itself is ideal geography in one of my favourite parts of New South Wales, but the house’s atmosphere is so charming and never feels overdone.

Designed for all, families will find life here with little people pure pleasure.  The best part?  Two or three families can enjoy the farm in its split-situation and all have plenty of room to entertain, relax and enjoy.

I always enjoy staying in places nicer than your own, so trust me when I say that Trelawney Farm is far nicer, far prettier, far cleaner than your own!”   –   Megan Morton, Stylist

Megan Morton‘s new book Things I Love is out now, and you can buy it online here!…..  But before you do, watch this amazing video with Megan showing you the 5 things she loves about the book!  Truly amazing.

Written by Melissa Simonetta

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